Are you ready for the digital revolution?

«The end of stupidity».

Artificial intelligence and the digital nervous system are changing our future more than any other technology in the past 100 years.

Lars Thomsen, futurologist, future matters AG

Intelligent digital solutions.


The financial sector faces some of the most complex information challenges. Quantinum assists professionals in analyzing data to make informed decisions about customers, investments or risks in order to provide a personalized experience and maximize lifetime value. Our solutions include lead generation, cross-channel customer insights and regulatory & compliance intelligence.

Pharma & Healthcare

Healthcare providers are facing a huge amount of information. Quantinum breaks down the technical barriers and helps medical personnel and researchers accessing and evaluating the relevant data in order to provide the best products enhance the quality of care. Our solutions include evidence-based treatment, quantified self analysis, prevention assistance and regulatory intelligence.


"Gouverner c'est prévoir". Staying ahead of the crowd means trying to anticipate opportunities, threats, trends and disruptions and take the right actions. Quantinum helps you to detect patterns, relationships and weak signals in a huge amount of data and provides them to the decision makers. Our solutions include Market & Competitive Intelligence, Technology Scouting, Startup Screening and Government applications.

Digital Workspaces

Efficient collaboration and information exchange are the basis for creativity, speed and productivity. Quantinum collects information from your company sources, combines them with external data and structures it automatically along your processes and user needs for fast and personalized information access. Our solutions include Project Management, Case Management and Performance Support in Sales & Customer Service.

Data Exploration

Quantinum offers easy-to-use Analytics, Discovery and Search in a single view. Speed up the process of accessing and analyzing of data, use all available information for new insights and informed decisions and benefit from context-oriented access to your company knowledge e.g. in CRM, Market Intelligence, Sales & Service.

Platforms & Ecosystems

Great digital businesses need a solid technology basement. Use our Enterprise Cognitive Computing platform as a smart engine to your content platforms, realize intelligent products and applications, automate your data-driven processes or create your very own digital ecosystem.

Customer statement.

Quantinum simplifies and automates analysis for detection of disruptive technologies at an early stage and enables the Swiss army to anticipate the potential effects.

Dr. Quentin Ladetto, Director Research, armasuisse

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