Are you ready for the digital revolution?

«The end of stupidity».

Artificial intelligence and the digital nervous system are changing our future more than any other technology in the past 100 years.

Lars Thomsen, futurologist, future matters AG

Intelligent solutions for your business.

Voice of the Customer

Do you know, what your customers are thinking, what preferences, expectations or problems they have? Use the customer communication from e-mail, helpdesk, social media and direct sales to get to know your customers better and learn how they interact with your company. Analyze needs, attitudes and buying behaviour in order to innovate new products and services, plan marketing and sales and create a new kind of customer experience.

Trend Scouting

Do you know the market developments that determine your business in future? Keep your competitors, start-up's, emerging technologies and disruptive developments on your radar. Analyze the status quo and generate hypotheses about the potential future impact. Detect opportunities and threats by evaluating your insights in the context of your strategy, get the relevant information for your decisions and take the right actions.

Predictive Business Analytics

"Gouverner c'est prévoir". Enhance planning and controlling, speed-up your innovation process and reduce cost. Predictive Analytics analyzes patterns, relations and weak signals, generates hypotheses about customer behaviour, market development and operational risks like fraud, it-security and machinery failure and provides them to executives for „informed decisions“ and the right actions

Digital Knowledge Assistant

Do you want to boost the productivity of your employees and teams and simplify collaboration? The digital assistant provides the important information for your activity (e.g. meetings, reports, customer visits or support inquiries) instantly. He discovers interesting relations (e.g. between product development and customer feedbacks) or identifies specialists and stakeholders in projects

Data Exploration and Analysis

Quantinum offers easy-to-use Analytics, Discovery, Search and Navigation in a single view. Speed up the process of accessing and analyzing of data, use all available information for new insights and informed decisions and benefit from context-oriented access to your company knowledge.

Platforms & Ecosystems

Great digital businesses need a solid technology basement. Use our Enterprise Cognitive Computing platform as a smart engine to your content portals, realize intelligent products and applications, automate your data-driven processes or create your very own digital ecosystem.

Simple, personal and secure.

Get started right away

As a fully automated, out-of-the-box solution, Quantinum enables super-fast integration and pilots as well as resource-friendly operation.

On premise or Swiss cloud

Depending on your requirements and data sources, you can choose to use Quantinum on premise or in our secure Swiss datacenter.


Easy integration

Thanks to open standards and interfaces, Quantinum can be easily integrated into your IT landscape.

In good hands

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Customer statement.

Quantinum simplifies and automates analysis for detection of disruptive technologies at an early stage and enables the Swiss army to anticipate the potential effects.

Dr. Quentin Ladetto, Director Research, armasuisse

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