Are you ready for the digital revolution?

«The end of stupidity».

Artificial intelligence and the digital nervous system are changing our future more than any other technology in the past 100 years.

Lars Thomsen, futurologist, future matters AG

Intelligent digital solutions.

Market Intelligence

Market developments under control: Keep sight of your competitors, products, technologies and actors, analyse activities, evaluate the potential of new ideas and generate new sales opportunities.

Trend Discovery

Looking to the future: Anticipate developments in your key markets, identify future markets, detect disruptive and emerging technologies at an early stage, and reliably assess investment risks.

Performance Support

Digital Assistant in Sales & Service: More productivity and fewer errors through context-sensitive knowledge-based support and automated processing of information flows like customer inquiries

Customer Intelligence

New customer insights: Enrich your CRM with data from Web / Social Media, analyse needs and behaviour of customers, generate recommendations for upselling and identify new leads

Customer statement.

Quantinum simplifies and automates analysis for detection of disruptive technologies at an early stage and enables the Swiss army to anticipate the potential effects.

Dr. Quentin Ladetto, Director Research, armasuisse

Time is running!